Lenox Avenue Out Now

Published on 4 February 2023 at 20:45

Viennese musicians JB Cooper and Lofi Sax have been playing together for a long time in a swing band called 5 IN LOVE. Their friendship and musical chemistry have resulted in the creation of a series of chillhop tracks, including the recently released single "Lenox Ave."

Inspired by the Netflix series "Luke Cage" and the rich musical heritage of Harlem, JB Cooper and Lofi Sax pay homage to the legendary musicians who have shaped the sound of the famous neighborhood. From Louis Jordan to James Brown, the influence of these artists is evident in the soulful and funky vibe of the "Harlem Nocturnes."

Originally, the plan was to release a five-track EP, but the two musicians decided to go for single releases on different labels. The first track, "Lenox Ave," is out now on Fresh Goodies, a label based in the Netherlands. The laid-back and funky track showcases JB Cooper's skilled guitar work and Lofi Sax's smooth saxophone lines. Listening to "Lenox Ave" is like taking a journey to Harlem by night, where the sounds of soulful music fill the air.

Whether you're a fan of chillhop, jazz, or soul, JB Cooper and Lofi Sax's "Harlem Nocturnes" is sure to capture your attention and transport you to a musical world filled with inspiration and creativity. Don't miss out on this musical collaboration and listen to "Lenox Ave" now. The link to the track is provided below.


CD mockup of Lenox Ave by Lofi Sax & JB Cooper

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