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About Lofi Sax

LOFI SAX, a highly talented producer and saxophonist hailing from Vienna, Austria, is known for his signature chilled and laid-back saxophone sound that graces numerous lofi chillhop tracks.

His music can be found on Spotify's top editorial playlists, including LOFI BEATS, JAZZ VIBES, LOFI CAFE, CHILL OUT MUSIC, LATE NIGHT BEATS, and many others.

With a massive following of approximately 270,000 monthly listeners, LOFI SAX has cemented his reputation as a prominent figure in the LO-FI scene.

With roots in jazz and funk, he has since developed his art through a variety of musical pursuits, such as playing in swing bands and performing with DJs in the house and tech house scene. Under the stage name Cab Canavaral, he launched a quite successful career in Electro Swing in 2011. He started the projects "Vintage Beats Club Vienna" and "Lofi Sax" in 2020 to rediscover his enthusiasm for music production. Through these projects, he produces lofi and calm hop beats that take listeners on a fantastic journey. Lofi Sax has worked with many artists, including dpsht, simber, bubble, and many more. He is a master at giving collaborations a distinctive saxophone flavor.



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Playlist submissions

Lofi Sax is also curating several playlists on spotify in the genres chillhop, lofi, jazzhop, jazz beats, lofi beats. If you have a tune you want to submit choose the playlist which is the best fit for your music!

Most Saxy Lofi Chill Hop

This spotify playlist features only lofi ,chillhop, jazzhop which contains real saxophones.  Tracks without sax will not be accepted! Best is a live played saxophon, samples of saxes is ok, midi or vst sax is a no go! Only the real sound counts!!!

Fresh Finds By Lofi Sax

This playlist contains of Lofi Sax's favourites. No specific genre obligatory. It can be jazz, ambient, trip hop, bossa nova, tango, house, deep house and many more. what counts is the personal taste of Lofi Sax to be added to this playlist

LoFi Chill Hop - Jazzy Vibes 100% instrumental

Only pure instrumental tracks in the lofi chillhop genre are accepted. This is a chill playlist witout distractions by vocals or even vocal chops

Saxy Brassy Lofi Chillhop

This playlist is dedicated to tracks with horns. Saxophones, trumpets, trombones, clarinets, flutes must be part of your track to make a successful submission to this spotify playlist